More Asian Grocers Move Into the Mission; E. Coli Outbreak in Europe Being Blamed on Spain

• As the Asian population grows in Portola, more Asian groceries and restaurants have popped up in the predominantly Latino Mission district over the last decade. [Chron]

Thai House Express on Larkin recently got themselves a bright and shiny, unsolicited graffiti art mural on their outside wall by EINE. [SFist]

• A look at a guest-chef dinner at Plum over the weekend with South Carolina chef Sean Brock, of Charleston's McCrady's and Husk. [Cooking with the Single Guy]

• A massive E. coli outbreak in Europe has killed fourteen people so far, and many are blaming it all on Spanish vegetables. [LAT]

• In China, there's an escalating debate: Are dogs better as pets ... or food? [UPI]

• Speaking of China, the People's Supreme Court issued a directive that food-safety violators, like some of their victims, ought to die. [CNN]

• Inflation has risen to 23 percent in Venezuela, and food prices are so high that many of the poorest citizens are spending nearly half their income to feed themselves. [Forbes]