More Asian Grocers Move Into the Mission; E. Coli Outbreak in Europe Being Blamed on Spain

As the Asian population grows in Portola, more Asian groceries and restaurants have popped up in the predominantly Latino Mission district over the last decade. [Chron]

Thai House Express on Larkin recently got themselves a bright and shiny, unsolicited graffiti art mural on their outside wall by EINE. [SFist]

A look at a guest-chef dinner at Plum over the weekend with South Carolina chef Sean Brock, of Charleston's McCrady's and Husk. [Cooking with the Single Guy]

A massive E. coli outbreak in Europe has killed fourteen people so far, and many are blaming it all on Spanish vegetables. [LAT]

In China, there's an escalating debate: Are dogs better as pets ... or food? [UPI]

Speaking of China, the People's Supreme Court issued a directive that food-safety violators, like some of their victims, ought to die. [CNN]

Inflation has risen to 23 percent in Venezuela, and food prices are so high that many of the poorest citizens are spending nearly half their income to feed themselves. [Forbes]