Local Food Adventure Club Chows Down on Placenta; Yak Is the New Bison?

The SF Food Adventure Club, founded in 2009 by Beth Pickens, recently had their most controversial adventure to date involving a fresh human placenta. If Patterson can do it, why shouldn't they? [Chron]

An interview with Daniel Patterson about various objects in his home, including a Kills t-shirt that's too small for him that he often wears to the Marin farmers' market. [Chron]

Chef Eddie Lau's new pop-up at The Summit, Dux, kicked off Sunday and here's a pictorial. [Beer & Nosh]

CHOW is doing a bracket voting thing with innovative chefs, and going head-to-head in this round are Dominique Crenn and Michael Voltaggio. [CHOW]

"Yaks meat is lean and protein-packed, low in cholesterol and revered for its sweet, delicate, beef-like flavor," which is precisely why it might just be the next meat trend. Needless to say, bison are pretty psyched about this. [Globe and Mail]

Even post-recession, many consumers haven't been able to go back to spending freely in restaurants. [NRN]

Something to consider for your next picnic: There's a whole class of "robust, funky" sakes that pair well with smoked meats, cheeses, and chocolate. [SE]

A man in Georgia put the "house" in Waffle House when he was found living on the rooftop of one of the chain's locations. [WAGT 26]