Video of a San Jose Nightclub Shooting; Chickens Have Feelings?

Police have released surveillance video showing the owner of San Jose's Mexicali nightclub getting abducted and ultimately shot on January 8. In total, three people were killed that night. [ABC]

Russell Moore recycles red wine at Camino and makes his own red wine vinegar in back in little oak barrels. [AP]

A pictorial of a meal at Bodega Bistro in the Little Saigon. [Cooking with the Single Guy]

Bad news for that lunchtime Caesar salad you were planning: A study has found chickens capable of feeling empathy. [Telegraph UK]

Not much for sports? You can still join the March Madness with this food-named-bands tournament bracket that squares off the likes of Jelly Roll Morton and Blue Oyster Cult. [HuffPo]

Booze news: Sherry is finally getting a little respect; It may not teach kids healthy drinking habits to let them imbibe at home. [NYT, WSJ]

The U.N. says food prices will likely stay high all year thanks to elevated crude-oil costs and smaller crops. And the U.N. is also calling for more rice production in Asia. [Bloomberg, AFP]

But hey, at least McDonald's is having a good year! Global sales were up nearly 4 percent in February. [USAT]