More About That Slim’s Killjoy; How Much Caffeine Is Too Much?

• Someone named Lisa, perhaps representing that neighbor who got Slim's liquor license suspended or perhaps that neighbor herself, has threatened bloggers with legal action if they've published her name and 'defamed' her. Also, a guy wrote a song about her. [Uptown Almanac, Earlier]

• The Chron food department mourns the loss of Karola Saekel Craib, who wrote for the paper for fifty years and died yesterday at her home in Berkeley. [Between Meals/Scoop]

• A review of Sunset magazine's new hyper-locavore book, The One-Block Feast, which will teach you how to raise chickens, make your own wine, and press olives for oil. [LA Weekly, Earlier]

• The recent controversy over energy drinks reminds us that we don't really know whether and how much caffeine is unhealthy, despite a century of studies. Eh, pass the coffee. [NYT]

• What is 'The Grip'? It was mentioned in HBO's Mildred Pierce the other night, and the Atlantic digs up this advertorial for a malt whiskey cure for the strange disease in the Times circa 1891. [AtlanticWire]

• Grant Achatz's new restaurant and haute cocktail bar Next and Aviary will not be opening this weekend, despite what the Times magazine thinks. [Grub Street Chi]

• Harry & David, which filed for Chapter 11 yesterday, can bounce back by nixing the weird, dark stores and perennial discounts and embracing social media, local growers, and "cool" brands, say brand experts. So is a Harry & David–Momofuku collaboration up next? [USAT]

• If you've ever been curious about what's served at Subway in India, here's a slideshow of the chicken tikka sub and other offerings. From the looks of it, they even use real lettuce, not that weird shredded stuff! [NRN]