Elle Says Crenn Stands Out In ‘Frumptopia San Francisco’


Atelier Crenn chef and Iron Chef winner Dominique Crenn is featured in the March issue of Elle, in which they write that she's "shaking up the Alice Waters simplicity-rules establishment" in San Francisco. This being a fashion magazine, they describe her hair as "rock-and-roll mussed" and her style as "city-girl cool," and they make a point of saying that Dominique stands out in the albeit small crowd of female chefs. "A hot female chef who wears Rag & Bone and Margiela is an unusual creature, but the fact that she's to be found in, let's admit it, frumptopia San Francisco, has a Michelin star on her CV, and is cooking in the male-dominated molecular gastronomy mode of elBulli's Ferran Adria makes her as rare as a unicorn." Frumptopia! Ha!

We'd say her cooking has more in common with the modern and only sometimes molecular, garden-to-table cuisine of David Kinch, with some Japanese influence as well, and she cites Michel Bras as an idol, but we digress.

Other takeaways from the Elle piece: they note the poetic nature of her menu at Atelier Crenn, with phrases like "lemon cloud" and "winter nuances" on it; also, she lets loose no shortage of pleasure at having her own, non-hotel restaurant. "There is no Sprite! No Sweet 'n' Low!" (Note: she remains consulting chef at Luce at the Inter-Continental.) Also, Gouge Eye Farm, which supplies her restaurant, offers packages for culinary tourists who want to stay over and help harvest vegeables — just call 916.600.2409.

Update: The link is now online, but unfortunately the headline now calls her Dominique Creen of Atelier Creen.

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