There Is Much Mercury In That Fish You’re Eating, California; Britain Outlaws Bargain Booze

An environmental group tested random fish samples, in secret, at stores and restaurants across California cities, and found that, on average, they contain higher mercury levels than the FDA allows. [Chron]

Oakland's first ever Restaurant Week launches next week. [SFoodie]

Down in L.A., they're banning new fast food businesses from going into a whole swath of town, for public health reasons. [NYT]

A law takes effect today that prevents British supermarkets from running deals on alcohol in which they sell bottles at a loss in order to lure customers. [UK Sun]

It seems the 20-ounce "venti" just isn't big enough for some Starbucks customers; today, the chain is rolling out its 30-ounce "trenta" size, beginning in thirteen Southern states. [USAT]

In the face of a global food crisis, one Dutch scientist recommends we all develop a taste for nutritious green bugs. Meanwhile, American children are preparing to go on strike. [BBC]

Sluggishness and memory problems might be related to a deficiency of vitamin B-12, found in fish, beef, and dairy products. [WSJ]

Gluten-free diets are increasingly touted as weight-loss regimens, but that's actually not such a hot idea. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

With skyrocketing food prices, the U.N.'s World Food Programme has found itself $3 billion short. [AP]