Calorie Counts Probably Don’t Make a Huge Difference to Fast-Food Customers


A new study says that calorie counts on fast-food menus aren't likely to push customers toward healthier options, according to Time. "I was surprised that we found basically absolutely nothing," says Eric Finkelstein, a professor at Duke-National University of Singapore who studied what happened after the Taco Time chain added calorie counts to its menus. Why didn't they work? Well, one theory our favorite, easily is that just by walking into a fast-food restaurant people have already basically given up on the idea of healthy eating, so, calorie counts, are, like, eh, whatevs. At least we can say this about Americans: When they want gut-busting food, they aren't going to pussyfoot around with salads. Luckily, fast-food restaurants are happy to oblige! [Healthland/Time]