Vegans Cry Foul as Weird Fish Kills Off Popular Seitan Dish (Again)


For the second time this year, owner Tim Holt at Weird Fish and his chefs have removed Buffalo Girls from the menu, to various cries of protest from the Mission vegan community. The dish, if you're not familiar, is deep-fried seitan covered in buffalo sauce, and is one of the few great pleasures that deprived vegans have found in town, now that Mission Chinese killed off their chinito. (For the record, the dish still appears on the restaurant's online menu.) Uptown Almanac's Kevin Montgomery (himself a vegan), writes of the chefs' decision, "Perhaps it is the same reason Radiohead refuses to play Creep at their shows: artists getting bored with the hit that made them popular." He adds sardonically, "I'm crying rivers for their plight." [Uptown Almanac]