Fig on a Plate, With BBQ Sauce?; Al Qaeda Looking to Poison Airport or Hotel Food?

• In a confusing effort at advertising, a guy pours Big Nate's BBQ sauce on a fig on a plate, and decides it's disgusting. [YouTube]

• The Food Network people appear to have returned to Mission Minis long after the Cupcake Wars shoot, for the episode that airs tonight. [Mission Local]

• Jamie Lauren spouts more sour grapes about the S.F. food scene and the obsession with seasonality. [LA Weekly]

• John Kerry sponsored a Senate bill that would outlaw catching sharks just for their fins. He's hoping the House will pass the bill soon. [Globe]

• Umm... Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula might be looking to poison U.S. airport or hotel food supplies. Then again, the source is Fox News, so take that into account. [LiveShots/Fox News]

• Nutrition in utero and early in life likely affects eventual fertility, new research shows. So there's another thing to blame on your parents. [Times of India]

• File under things you already knew: iPad use in restaurants is growing. [NRN]

• A seventh grader at a Chicago school died after experiencing a severe allergic reaction to peanuts. [Chicago Tribune]

• Since it's important to keep your strength up while you're sardined in with sick people and crying babies, the healthiest airline snack options are discussed here. [USAT]