Police Union Is Close to Purchasing Paragon; Starbucks Hits the High Seas

That deal in which the cops buy Paragon (701 2nd Street) for their own personal clubhouse appears to be close. [Examiner]

A post-review Q with Corey Lee of Benu. [SFoodie]

Consumers of ethnic-brand pork products beware: Autentico Foods is recalling 54,000 pounds of fried pork bellies and pickled pork skins. [Circle of Food]

The first Starbucks at sea is opening on a new cruise ship. Somehow we're sure it won't be the last. [USAT]

It's still tough to find a job out there, but restaurants continue to hire "at a considerable clip." [LAT]

Doctors are worried that too many people are feeding fast food to their pets and making them obese. Sure, but do they know how cute chubby puppies are? [Herald Sun]

The Journal discovers heirloom apples, likes them! [WSJ]

Kristen Stewart: turns out she's a pretty good cook who makes a mean tortilla soup. [MTV]