Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies Are Huge Abroad; The Pork Belly Craze Is Driving Up the Price of Bacon

Despite having a brand name that conjures up other things in other English-speaking countries, the San Leandro-based Otis Spunkmeyer company is making a killing in exports. [Chron]

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The price of bacon is on the rise due to an acute pork belly shortage. [Des Moines Register]

Ramadan is a difficult time for observant Muslim food vendors. [WSJ]

Sotheby's will soon put crates of heirloom vegetables on the auction block. [WSJ]

A federal judge revoked the Department of Agriculture's approval of genetically modified sugar beets on Friday because the USDA didn't study their effect on other food thoroughly enough. [Huffington Post]

As the Japanese sushi scene shrinks, more and more Japanese sushi chefs are seeking positions abroad. [NYT]

While working on Eat, Pray, Love, food stylist Susan Spungen had to prepare everything off-site and trek it to the set. [T Magazine/NYT]

Baby Boomers are much more interested in local, organic, and healthy foods now than they were 20 years ago. [Eatocracy/CNN]