Whole Foods and Ozumo Get Smashed Up In Oakland; The Rise of the ‘Kitchen Vacation’

In the wake of the Johannes Mehserle verdict, Whole Foods and Ozumo restaurant were among the businesses that had their windows smashed last night in downtown Oakland. [Chron]

Kingdom of Dumpling puts the 'dump' in dumpling, but is still pretty great. [Bunrab]

Where to find good 'third wave' coffee around town. [7x7]

A look at all the technology and gear in the kitchens at the French Laundry and Per Se, including a 'smoking gun' that infuses food with flavored smoke. [CNET via Eater]

More travelers are going on "kitchen vacations," culinary-themed getaways that range from chef demonstrations to all-day cooking classes. [USAT]

The country's best locavore restaurants practice hypocrisy when it comes to their wine lists, since they ignore American wines for European bottles. [Daily Beast]

Marseille is poised to become France's next great food city. [T Magazine/NYT]

The rise of competitive eating as a profession is a bit bewildering and a good indicator of the depravity of our times. [Slate]

Living within walking distance from a lot of restaurants is likely to make you fat, according to a new study. [Metropolis/WSJ]