Food Trucks Aim for City Hall Plaza; Mark Twain Was a Locavore

Food trucks are looking to colonize every corner of town. [Examiner]

San Francisco-based artist Liz Hickock won the "Best Use of Food as an Art Medium" prize at the Food Network Awards for her Jell-O cityscapes. [HuffPo via Scoop]

Elizabeth Falkner discusses her perfect day in San Francisco, and all her favorite dishes. [Jet SF]

Though most chefs avoid packaged foods and high-fructose corn syrup, many still like Heinz ketchup. [CHOW]

Due to his extensive domestic travels, Mark Twain was an early locavore. [Atlantic]

Perhaps a little late, Fresh Express is recalling bags of romaine lettuce with expiration dates July 8 to July 12. [CNN]

Over 60 percent of "extra virgin" olive oils were found to be lesser quality oils in a recent study. [USA Today]

The food in U.S. government employee cafeterias is going organic, but so far isn't that great. [Washington Post]

Five Guys is considering international expansion. [NRN]

Starbucks recently passed the ten million fan mark on Facebook, the first brand to do so. [Online Media Daily]