Yelp Tries to Get Less Extortion-y; Cupcake Backlash Hits Europe

Oh, Marie. We don't even want to know how you microwave-baked that cake.

• In response to charges that the program acted as extortion, Yelp eliminated advertiser's ability to choose a "favorite review" to be highlighted. [Business Insider]

• The saddest cookbook ever: Microwave Cooking for One. [SFoodie]

• A number of people have been robbed on recent nights in and around North Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto. [NBC Bay Area]

• The cupcake backlash has hit Europe. [Salon]

• Alice Waters would like to do a television series. [Slashfood]

• More and more people are posting photos of their food to the internet, motivated by everything from art to a desire to stay on diet. [NYT]

• Induction-range cooking might be the iPad of kitchen technology: fraught with both promise and disappointment. [NYT]

• Heirloom apple crops are on the rise. [NYT]

• Australian winemaker Thomas Angrove, the inventor of boxed wine, died last week at 92. [Herald Sun via Consumerist]