RN74 Gets a Spin-Off?; An Irish Chef Recreates the Titanic's Last Supper

• Michael Mina is considering cloning RN74 in downtown Seattle. [SFoodie]

• An obvious answer for making cheap American wines better: we should do more blends. [Gray Market Report]

• Everything is wrong with Fillmore Mexican Grill, starting with the Sriracha on the tables. [Uptown Almanac]

• An Irish chef will recreate the Titanic's last meal this week. [Telegraph]

• Jamie Oliver does not approve of chefs who swear on television. [Telegraph]

• NBC has renewed the Guy Fieri hosted Minute to Win It. [USA Today]

• The Times will relaunch Diner's Journal on April 7 and it will include content from both Bitten and The Pour. [Diner's Journal/NYT]

• Tony Blair's home was visited by firemen after the Blairs burnt their morning toast. [BBC]