Fior D’Italia Turns Back Clock (and Menu Prices) to 1886

Cheap grub is a good reason to revisit North Beach. Photo: Broke-Ass Stuart

Tomorrow, to celebrate their 125th anniversary, North Beach's Fior D'Italia (the self-proclaimed 'Oldest Italian Restaurant' in America) is rolling back prices to what they were in 1886. Broke-Ass Stuart, ever vigilant with the bargains, points us to the deal in which you can chow on some alleged 19th century favorites like Veal Saut (5) and Linguini with Meatball (10) for less than the price of a gumball. See the full menu below.

Though the restaurant's actual birthday is Saturday, May 1st, the public celebration comes a day early. The specials will be on offer from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and it's first come first serve. Fior D'Italia is located at 2237 Mason Street, at Francisco.