Bistro Aix Reopens; How to Get Over Your Cilantro Hate

Photo: Courtesy of Saul's

• After a hiatus of a few months, a newly renovated Bistro Aix is scheduled to reopen this weekend. [Tablehopper]

• A new crop of delis, like New York's Mile End and Saul's in Berkeley, focus on delicious, sustainable foods — even if they aren't necessarily kosher. [NYT]

• Sandra Lee isn't evil incarnate. Really. [HuffPo]

• Though a dislike for cilantro seems to be genetically based, neurologists suggest it can be overcome. [NYT]

• CNN will soon launch Eatocracy, a food blog. [Kat Kinsman/Twitter via Eater]

• Newly rereleased cookbook Spécialités de la Maison includes recipes from 1940s-era luminaries like Katharine Hepburn and Helen Keller. [NYT]

• McDonald's board of directors rejected a proposal that would have required five percent of the company's eggs to be cage-free. [Green Inc./NYT]

• Many popular vegetarian products, like Boca burgers, contain trace amounts of an air pollutant called hexane. [Gothamist]

• Researchers have found strains of an HIV-related virus in illegal bushmeat imports in the United States. [WSJ]

• Wal-Mart has raised its food prices by 2.3 percent since February. [NYP]

• Ramps are the new arugula, prized more for their cultural cachet than for their taste. [Time]