Rounding Up the Top Food Gossip of '09; New Chefs Shuffle In at Coi


• From the shuttering of Gourmet to Todd English's tabloid-friendly, aborted wedding, Eater and SFoodie each tick off the top scandals and gossip items of the food world. [Eater, SFoodie]

• Coi gets a new pastry chef and chef de cuisine in Bill Corbett and Evan Rich, respectively. [Tablehopper]

• Michael Bauer throws in his two cents, in list form, about the hot food trends of the decade, including his favorite: artisan pizza. [Chron]

• A Detroit millionaire is looking to spearhead a pilot program, with $30 million of his own funds, to create a 50-acre urban farm using blighted property within Detroit's city limits. [Fortune]

• In an effort to reduce alcoholism rates, Russia is instituting a mandatory minimum price on bottles of vodka — about three dollars for a half-liter. [NYP]

• Many Muslim deli owners are torn between wanting to follow the teachings of the Koran and the need to sell pork and alcohol to turn a profit. [NYT]

• Natural wine bars are on the rise in the United States and London. [NYT]