More Restaurants Approved for Noe Valley; Not All Kids’ Food Allergies Are Real

The Lake Chalet

• The Planning Commission voted unanimously to allow an unlimited number of restaurants in the Noe Valley business district pending case-by-case conditional use permits. [Noe Valley SF]

• The Times visits Oakland's massive, $22 million Lake Chalet and gives it a thumbs up, mostly for the burger and the view. [NYT]

• An "outrageous" sale continues today from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the shuttered Vivande Porta Via (2125 Fillmore), including restaurant supplies, cookie tins, and serving trays. [Eater]

• It turns out that many kids whose food allergies were diagnosed by skin or blood tests may not really be allergic. [WSJ]

• Sure, haggis is getting legalized, but you still can't import wild beluga caviar or horsemeat into the United States. [Salon]

• Sharing all food has become a dominant ethos in post-earthquake Haiti. [NYT]

• At some point in the past year, almost one in five Americans could not afford the food they needed. [NYT]

• Four Top Chef alums, led by Haitian-born Ron Duprat, are holding a fundraiser for Haitian relief. [BuddyTV]