Lark Creek's Australian Menu May Actually Get You to Australia


This month's South Australia theme at Lark Creek Restaurants is interesting enough in itself, seeing as how they've only ever served American food, but it's the contest aspect of the whole thing that makes it truly appealing: For the month of September a handful of Lark Creek joints (including One Market and Lark Creek Steak) are serving a $39 four-course tasting menu of South Australian dishes, and if you go get one, they enter your name into a contest to win a week's vacation down under. Other than the menu and the contest, the things that make September South Australia Month for this particular restaurant group are the specialty wine selection (which they'll pair with your prix-fixe), a series of Aussie-themed events (including a Sept. 9 Commonwealth Club discussion), and foods like confit and sachet for sale retail. With winter around the corner, this might be just the time to win a trip to the southern hemisphere and spend a week in the hot December sun.