Street Food Vendor Busted at Street Food Festival

Luke deals with the officers at the street food fest

Even at a street food festival designed to make it easier for people to become legal vendors, unlicensed food sellers got hassled by the cops. SFoodie reported today that a vendor dubbed "Luke," who was trying to introduce something called Don't Forget Your Lunch, offering full meals for $5 each, set up with his sister just outside the festival gate because he wasn't a registered vendor. When the cops told him to move it along, he went inside the festival area on Folsom Street and started selling there, but the same cops busted him, this time detaining him to check his identification for warrants, and threatening to fine him if they ever saw him selling food again. Says Luke, "It was a strange feeling to be treated like a criminal for selling street food at a street food festival."

Unlicensed Vendor Detained at Saturday's Street Food Festival